Now that the holiday season is in full bloom, people will be looking forward to attending holiday dinner parties and even hosting them. 
Whether they are a guest or the host, each should feel comfortable and ready to mingle. 

The host with the best laid out plans and who has a knack for entertaining does not worry how they will keep everyone entertained from arrival to dessert. They enjoy their own dinner party by following these tips. 

Make your guests feel special as soon as they arrive at your door. Greet them with enthusiasm and usher them into your home with lighting that fits the mood. For evening, it can be a bit subdued, lending glowing warmth to the ambience. 

Your home can also be filled with soft, fragrant scents that are relevant to the season. During the winter holidays, fresh evergreen blends well into the holiday mood. Likewise, simmering scents of cinnamon sticks or apple pie also work well. 

Get your guests appetites going with the offer of lite bites and cocktails and non alcoholic drinks, until dinner is served. Allow them to serve themselves or for an added touch, engage waitstaff for the occasion. 

Make everything eye appealing from the decor to the food. This can be done by showcasing ornamental plants, such as poinsettias. They can be jolly red or you may decide upon the white variety and have them sprayed to match your home’s color scheme. 

Of course, your home is going to be spotless but it doesn’t have to have a sterile look or vibe. Clean is good but for added appeal, make it look homey. Fluff pillows on the sofa. Have a throw nearby for guests to cover their legs if the feel like lounging a bit. Give them the feeling that your home is also their home to relax for the next few hours. 

Since guest are central to any celebration invite new friends and introduce them to your old buddies. They don’t have to have anything in common, just a willingness to have a conversation or two or three. 

Mingle amongst your guests and find out what they have been up to lately. During introductions, make it a point to mention some of your friends accomplishments. They may show modesty but will be happy you remembered them and cared enough about them to share some of their history. Of course, never reveal anything personal about anyone. 

A good way to get started is to initiate an icebreaker. Set up an area for playing games or watching television. Arrange seating to encourage interaction among your guests. 

Good food puts everyone in a positive frame of mind. To get the most from your own party make sure you have prepared familiar dishes. Don’t use this occasion to experiment with new recipes. Serving something familiar will boost your confidence. 

Bring on the fabulous dinner that you lovingly prepared for your guests. Give dessert a starring role as well and observe how complementary your guests are. They will not only marvel how you are the perfect host but will wonder how you did it all to perfection.

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