How To Keep Your Dog Occupied When You’re Cooking

Dogs are as cute as can be, but when you’re on a mission to pull together a dinner to remember then you might need a bit of alone time so you can get the job done. What if your dog is looking for some attention? Sometimes when you need to focus just happens to coincide precisely with playtime in their minds. If they see you working away, they may just want to join in on the action. Don’t worry, there are some things you can try to keep your dog at bay while you make the magic happen.

Find Their Favorite Chew Toy

A needy dog can often be put to work for hours on end with a simple chew toy. If you haven’t found one that your dog loves then you’re missing out, this is a quick and easy solution that will keep them knawing away while you go off to work in the kitchen. If they seem to snub typical chew toys, try something that you can put some food in. After all, you’re trying to buy some time so you can go to work making a delicious meal, why not put them to work in the same way? A kong filled with frozen peanut butter is a time-honored solution that should help get you thinking.

Let Them Get Exercise With An Electric Dog Fence

If you are fortunate enough to have access to a back yard in your home, why not let them run around without worrying if they’ll escape to the neighbor’s yard? As long as they are set up properly they are quite reliable, so you can let your dog get some fun in the sun while you whip up a piping hot meal for your family. How’s that for a change?

Alternatively, Try A Training Collar

Maybe your dog is whimpering and whining while you’re trying to mince onions, celery, and carrots for a nice mirepoix? Or worse, they’re barking frantically as you’re trying to put the finishing touches on a perfect beef stroganoff? Many people have turned to training collars because they work like magic. You can either get a bark collar if that is your main problem, or a collar with a remote so that you can get them off the couch without having to drop what you’re doing.

Gate Them Off In A Room

Maybe your dog isn’t barking like crazy, and it’s more a matter of them getting tangled up in your feet while you’re running around making sure all of the components of your dishes hit the plate at the exact right moment. You might find that a good, old-fashioned door gate is just what the doctor ordered in this situation. The best thing about this solution is that it’s dead simple and cheap, plus it can be repurposed for all sorts of applications. Kids on the way too? You’ll be glad you have a door gate anyway.

Try Some Music or TV

The fall back is to try what works for so many of us humans – pop on the TV or the stereo and see if you get any engagement from your dog. Lots of dog owners utilize this tactic when they go out for the day to make their dogs feel like they aren’t the only ones at home, and it may just work in this case as well. Try out some different shows and types of music before you throw in the towel, it may just be that you haven’t found your dog’s favorites yet!